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Xiamoi mi7 features, Price, Release date & Full Specifications

The xiaomi mi7 is a Next version of Xiaomi Smartphone Brand. Now i am going to share the Xiaomi Mi7 Smartphone 2017 features, rumors, price, specification, and release date. xiaomi mi7 is the brand phone which is very popular in the market these days if you observed deep in the market value of xiaomi. Then you will find that xiaomi brand is rising more than the apple brand.  xiaomi has recently released mi5 in the market and it has gone favorite among all the phone users. the design and feature of mi5 are very attractive and useful and the have given such unique features which you will not able to find in any other Smartphone. now I am seeing that after release xiaomi mi5 phone everyone id looking for when will the xiaomi release their new xiaomi mi7. Here is the latest version for android. so here I start discuss about this phone for guys and going to reveal all the expected feature and specification of this beauty. xiaomi mi7 is going to be more exciting. This Smartphone’s is more faster than other Smartphone. this phone is very gorgeous and looking so beautiful. you can check about this phone in our showroom. and you can see this phone details our website. Well, Before we get into the device specification and features in details. 

Xiamoi mi7 features:
Now I am talking about all the feature which xiaomi mi 7 is going to have for all of you guys.

  • *it is going to have process of snapdragon  820
  • *4gb ram, internal memory of 32,64,128gb which extendable using micro sd USB card
  • *5.5" 4k display with a resolution of 4096*2160
  • *Xiaomi Mi7 has 2900mah battery
  • *retina scanner for battery security
  • *gorilla glass protection which is shock and water proof
  • *it's going to be 25ega pixel rear camera with focus and 8mega pixel front camera autofocus and 3d features.
  • * sleekly and hot design which is ever made.
  • *its very stylish and comfortable.

wireless charging: the first amazing feature is wireless charging . as it has already become standard features nowadays but comparatively xiaomi  mi7 is going to be faster wireless charging feature. it will let you charge your phone 50% less the time of today wireless charging technology.

extendable memory: the memory is definitely the important factor in order to us your phone at its fullest. it is going to be available in 32,64,128gb variants. More ever the micro SD card slot is going to be there as well which let you extend your memory to extra 128gb which is definitely a big extra.

retina eye scanner: if you have been worrying about your phone security and privacy then this feature is going to excite you for sure. this eye sensing technology will make your phone more secure as it will be unlocking by detecting your retina. More ever this technology can be also used for makings payments in Google play store and Samsung play store.

gorilla glass protection: Here  front of the phone will be protected with gorilla glass which will make mi7 nearly indestructible. the mi7 is going to have gorilla glass 5 which makes it amazing and unbreakable and waterproof.

display: the source claim that xiaomi mi7 is going to have 5.5 inches sleek 4k display. the 4k resolution is going to let you experience resolution 4096*2160 which is definitely going to give an amazing display to their users.

processors: Here let's talk about processors of xiaomi mi7. the mi7 is going to be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 820 soc. this fantastic processor can easily let users experience speed ranging from 2.8-3.0ghz. since nobody like to use their phones in less speed, and xiaomi has taken care of it which is why they have used that much strong processor on their phone.

camera: it's time to talk about the camera. the most exciting article of any phone and that camera. as most awaited series of apple and Samsung are going to come in 2017 as well which do have fantastic camera quality. so, in that case, xiaomi mi7 is going to have a 25mp rear camera and 8mp front camera. it is also going to have some additional feature including optical IMEI stabilization plus auto laser focus and even 3d features. the 3d features going to be awesome for sure.

design: now let's talk about the design of xiaomi mi7. the mi7 is going to have improved unibody design glass front and back and a baseless display which is going to make it amazing and amazing phone in the market.

system: now let's talk something about the complete internal system of xiaomi which will make it a powerful Smartphone. the mi7 going to be equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 820soc or 830soc at 2.8-3.0 GHz 4gb ram 35 mp rear camera and 8mp front camera 5.5 inches 4k display with a resolution of 4096*2160 and 2900mah battery. these are some system details which are leaked so far. here I am listing all the main features of xiamoi mi7 which will help you to get the clear idea of this Smartphone.

xiamoi mi7 release date: after going through these amazing features you guys must be looking for xiaoni mi7  release date and when it is going to hit the market. in most of the hot markets for xiamoi mi7 like china, japan, us,Canada,Germany,Korea and much more countries. it is going to release during 2017. the exact date is not predicted yet but the year is confirmed that it is going to come in 2017 for ensure.

conclusion: the last thing about Mi 7 I would say is the product price is very much mid reserved when other devices with some feature and specification are sold at higher prices. so if you want to buy any middle-level Smartphone in 2017, then I would pick xiaomi mi7 to be the best at price.